Dancers of Her Divinity: A Book of Shadows

This is a Book of Shadows for a polytheistic faith in the Wiccan tradition.

This BoS is a work in progress.


We vow to live as One within the vast unfolding of the Mother Goddess, to honor the gods with reverence and ecstasy, and to pray that love, compassion, and magical awareness become the touchstones of our lives.

There is also a Short Form Credo:

We vow to live in harmony, to honor the gods, and to practice with grace.

This is the standard group credo. It consists of three parts:

(1) The Vow of Harmony. As Wiccans, we attune ourselves to the cycles of nature – to the moon phases, the weather shifts, the transitions between the seasons.

(2) The Vow of Celebration. Life is transient and ever changing – emerging and fading, only to emerge again. Our lives are born out of death; and from our deaths, new live shall arise.

(3) The Vow of Constant Practice. Practice does not end when we step into our out of a ritual circle. We are always practicing our faith. We aim to incorporate the practices of love, compassion, and magical awareness as much as possible into our daily lives. “Praying” for this doesn’t mean we don’t work at it! It means we recognize that there is often an ineffable element – what we call, for lack of a better term, “grace” – that keeps us on our chosen path, and often veers us away from engaging in activities that would harm ourselves or others.

When reciting the credo individually, you make make additional dedications specific to your life before the vow of practices.

Credo of Learning

What is the source of our Wiccan knowledge? Our faith so far consists of no degrees or levels. We believe that each of us has something to teach, and that each of us also has a lot to learn.

We recognize only students, practitioners, and elders. Each member is urged to honestly identify their own level of learning, and to agree otherwise to live by the Credo of Learning:

When I meet a student, I shall be a teacher. When I meet a teacher, I shall be a student.

For some of us, it’s hard to learn to be a student. Others may find the role of teacher uncomfortable. Part of our practice consists in recognizing which role is required when, and being able to submit to that role without egotism or obsequiousness.

Topics in This BoS


Magical Correspondences

Magical Awareness

How Not to Board Thought-Trains
Remembering Details Both Big and Little


The Four Elements
The Pentacle

Ritual and Community

Divination and Receptivity



Mother Earth

Theological Thought

Death, The Soul, and Reincarnation



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